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Joseph DOAN

Cyber Security Specialist

Joseph DOAN
32 years old
Driving License
Paris France
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
◕ Passionate

◕ Result-oriented

◕ Teamplayer
  • Cyber Risk Service
    Specialized in Strategy&Governance
    Specialized in Emerging Technologies
    Cloud Security
  • NIST· IEC · ISO 27001
    Security Policies for event handling and critical data
    Data Protection
  • Duty for biggest oil french company
    Project in securing the industrial sites over the world:
    •Installation, configuration, deployment and administration of antivirus McAfee EPO, WSUS for patching management and Silvershield/Syncovery for secured file exchange (SFTP/SSH)
    •Manage all the resources and devices access (industrial/dmz workstations, servers, switchs applications...) and the users as maintaining the rights management with Wallix Admin Bastion
    •Main Technical Advisor : Ensure level 3/High-end support (Proficiency on the 4 applications)
  • Run :
    •Incident response (from minor to major)
    •Create and maintain architecture documents, installation/configuration and exploitation procedures
    •Manage security activities : Manage and send flows request for add/modification/deletion on the firewalls (Juniper/Checkpoint)
    •Ensure compliance and patching of IT infrastructure
  • Transverse :
    •Consolidate reporting for antivirus McAfee EPO/WSUS of industrial clients & dmz clients
    •Gather antivirus logs : identify all types of threat/threat events, retrieve antiviral status of IIS systems
    •Migration of McAfee E-Policy Orchestrator
    •Migration of WSUS Server
    •Ensure security of joint local sites : Provide support to Local IT/customers with the applications, the flows opening and access to the industrial assets created on Bastion
  • Key Facts :
    •Set up Business Continuity Plan/Business Recovery Plan following a major incident -> Set up backup flows and configure Syncovery with local IT teams → Spread and repeat the process over all the critical flows
    •Stand-by Duty 24/7 for emergency cases
  • Environment : McAfee E-Policy Orchestrator, VirusScan Enterprise, Endpoint Security, WSUS, Syncovery, Silvershield, Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2/2016, Powershell, Juniper, Checkpoint, SmartDashboard, Tufin, Wallix Admin Bastion
  • Project in Systems:
    • Setup of virtualized infrastructure with Citrix : installation, configuration, deployment and administration of DNS, DHCP, AD, Apache and Exchange 2012 (~100 clients) servers
    • Add firewall PFSense and network monitoring tool Zabbix
    • Add deployment server for the Microsoft patching WSUS
    • Active Directory : Add/Modification/Delete user account, OU and use of GPO on interface or Powershell
    • Use of Forest/Domains
  • Project in Virtualization:
    •Industrialization of the synchronization of VMware tools (Powercli, vSphere, Veeam)
    •Increase skills and self training around the VMware solutions
    •Conduct tests, deployment and upgrade of Veeam
    •Mapping of the overall systems and flows in the ecosystem
    •Industrialization/Automation of process (Powershell/Powercli)
    •Set up manual & automatic reportings, capacity planning and dashboards with Veeam ONE
    •Troubleshooting around Veeam ONE
  • Project in Development : Programming an heatmp
    •Pilot from A to Z : Study of the needs and setting prerequisites, architecture, design, construction/integration (J2EE/HTML) and test implementation
    •Work close to Virtualization Project Managers
    •Adding/Updating content with Powershell
    •Weekly Report Status
    •MRO (maintain, repair and operate)
  • Environment: Windows server, VMware, Veeam, DNS/DHCP/AD, GPO, PowerShell, SQL Server, HTML, J2EE
  • Database Project :
    •Carried from A to Z : Requirements and analysis, architecture, design, construction/integration and test
    implementation, user training sessions & lead of meetings to present the projets and new features
    •Daily updates of the databases with SQL queries and Powershell scripts
    •MRO (maintain, repair and operations)
    •Create and maintain the procedure up-to-date

    Security :
    •Administrator/Users own Interface, database protected with password
    •Set up logs
    •Set up backup with PowerShell scripts & automatic save of databases
  • Transverse :
    •Set up reportings, KPI, reports with Access/Excel and Business Objects
    •Incident Response: Identification, investigation, eradication, recovery, follow-up, communication and reporting
    •Level 2-3 support
    •Proposal to switch to MySQL : purchase of dedicated server, study of needs
    •Knowledge transfer
  • Environment : Windows, MS Access/Excel, PowerShell, SQL/VBA,
    MySQL, Business Objects
  • Administration : installation, configuration and deployment of workstations & VOIP phones onsite
    •Discovery & Training related to Citrix, VMware and IBM solutions
    •Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    •Level 1-2 support : remote & onsite assistance for customers/clients
    •Installation and configuration of VMware ESX
  • Environment : Windows, OS400 (IBM OS), Citrix, VMware, VoIP (IPB/PABX)
  • Level 1-2 support :
    •Remote Access & control with LogMeIN
    •Troubleshooting (hardware/software)
    •Administration of 20 workstations
    •Management of client database with Excel
  • Environment : Windows, MS Excel, LogMeIN

Master degree in IT


October 2014 to September 2016
Title RNCP certified level 1 equals to Master in IT
Advanced in Infrastructure Systems & Networks

Bachelor Degree in IT


September 2013 to October 2014
Systems & Network - Project Management

2 year Technical Degree IT Management


September 2011 to June 2013
2 year technical degree in IT Management
Systems & Networks Administrator

AFL English - German

PARIS IV Sorbonne

September 2010 to May 2011
Applied Foreign Languages at University La Sorbonne

High-School Degree

Lycée Paul Claudel

September 2009 to July 2010
Major Literature
Advanced English
  • VCP6-DCV : VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization : validates how to administer and troubleshoot vSphere V6 infrastructures, leveraging best practices to provide a scalable and reliable virtualization platform
  • vSphere 6 Foundations : validates the fundamental skills necessary to understand and begin deploying VMware vSphere 6.5 environments.
  • VSCIM Course : Installation, configuration and administration of vSphere 5.5/6 (VMware ESXI, VMware vCenter)
  • TOEIC : 885/990
  • Wallix Certified Professional / WCP-P
    PAM (privileged access management) - BASTION (v8 - 2021)
  • VMware (vSphere 5-6) : Installation, configuration, administration, optimization and troubleshooting - VMware PowerCLI : Automation, industrialization (scripts)
  • Windows Server 2003-2008-2012 R2-2016, W7,W10 : installation, configuration, deployment and administration
  • Active Directory : Create/Add accounts, Manage GPO and UOs, user rights, assignments, forest/domain.
  • WSUS : installation, configuration, deployment, administration and troubleshooting
  • Powershell : Development, automatiion
  • Antivirus : McAfee e-Policy Orchestrator 4.6,5.1,5.9.1
  • Protocols TCP/IP, NAT, FTP, SFTP, OSPF/RIP, services DHCP/DNS, static/dynamic routing, inter-vlan (Trunk), VPN/SSL/IPSec, ACL list
  • Firewall : Juniper/Checkpoint (basics)
  • Veeam ONE : Monitoring, reportings, capacity planning
  • Citrix XenApp : Installation, configuration, administration, deploy virtual machines
  • TUFIN : configuration, reporting and analyse
  • English
  • Vietnamese
  • French
  • High-tech - Netflix - Blizzard Entertainment - Streaming - Badminton - Strategy & MOBA video games - Museums - Tattoos
  • Travel: Luxembourg, Italy, Denmark, US, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Bali